Browns must ‘force-feed’ ball to Odell Beckham Jr. . Baker Mayfield is correct.

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Need to realize the most cursing detail of the inexorably terrible 2019 season for the Cleveland Browns?

Give this one a shot: Through eight games for the 2-6 Browns, Odell Beckham Jr., certainly one of the four best recipients in football, has one less gathering this season (39) than Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette.

Is it awful that everybody they’ve informed that detail to has responded with a mix of stun and incredulity suggestive of the group of spectators toward the finish of “Joker”?

It’s that awful.

Need they remind people, Fournette was not thought of exceptionally as a beneficiary leaving LSU. They has shown signs of improvement, and they merits credit for that. In any case, there’s no situation where they ought to have a larger number of gets than probably the best recipient in football, paying little heed to their having an additional game added to their repertoire.

So who is at fault in Cleveland? All things considered, in the finely created video posted above — expertly sewed together by their primary man Ron “The Truth” Schiltz — they experienced a few of the Browns’ third-down plays in their humiliating misfortune to the Broncos on Sunday, and itemized the reasons why they are so unequipped for getting the show on the road to their best player on “money downs.”

Watch the video Browns fans, however here’s an insight — it ain’t OBJ’s deficiency.

This is what Baker Mayfield needed to state on the issue Wednesday:

“I think people have this picture perfect thing where it was going to be sunshine and rainbows and he was going to have a whole lot of one-on-ones. It is Odell Beckham, he is going to have double coverage and we have to find ways to format things to get him the ball and force-feed him early on to where he can make an impact before we can have the perfect look to have a shot [at a] play.”

“That is something we have learned the hard way, but I think as the weeks have gone on, we are continuing to improve on how to get the ball to him.”

Better trust so. On the off chance that the Browns don’t use their best hostile weapon, the Browns — whose timetable will get much simpler down the stretch — will gaze at their twelfth straight losing season quicker than OBJ can say “trade me.”

Deshaun Watson’s escapability is keeping their in MVP race

Something helping the MVP nomination of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is the reiteration of enemies they over and again leaves in stunningness.

Not long after the Texans’ commanding 26-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, in which Watson completed with a passer rating of 120 while making safeguards pursue their while doing a slimmer, in-his-prime Donovan McNabb impression, Jaguars mentor Doug Marrone turned into the most recent to sing the gestures of recognition of the maestro of the 6-3 Texans.

“We knew going into the game that Deshaun Watson is an MVP candidate and we weren’t able to get him down a couple times early on,” Marrone said. “[He’s] elusive, [he] ran the football, extended the play, made good throws … we weren’t able to get him into the third-down situations where we felt it kind of tilted our way.”

Join the club, Doug. Watson is poised to complete with 4,300 passing yards, approximately 41 all out touchdowns and nine captures. Their capacity to slip approaching rivals and make extreme hurls with safeguards swinging from their will make the Texans an intense out in the end of the season games, where quarterbacks who can accomplish things like that normally discover achievement.

Kirk Cousins’ misses are worried for generally complete group

The Minnesota Vikings dropped to a still-decent 6-3 with their 26-23 misfortune to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, so the misfortune wasn’t the apocalypse. Be that as it may, Vikings fans should even now be irate about the thrashing.

The Vikings gloat one of the association’s most profound groups. Protectively, they get after it, and repulsively they brag a solid running match-up with numerous first class focuses in the passing game. So they are putting their powerlessness to beat a spunky Patrick Mahomes-less Chiefs group on their $84 million quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

Superficially, Cousins was fine. They finished 19 of 38 goes for 220 yards and three touchdowns, and in the event that people didn’t watch the game, people’d never surmise they was an essential guilty party.

Baltimore’s weight predicts well for what’s to come

Maybe the most staggering thing about the Ravens’ 37-20 win over the New England Patriots was not so they won by 17 points over the beforehand undefeated juggernaut, however how they won … which was, to be specific, by creating a huge amount of weight on the G.O.A.T, Tom Brady.

Obviously, Lamar Jackson and the offense merits credit for a 210-yard surging execution. Be that as it may, whenever their barrier can hit Brady multiple times — multiple times! — people merit extraordinary praise.

That is the reason Ravens mentor John Harbaugh offered props to their protection recently.

“It’s really hard to rush the way we rushed him — very direct rushes in front of him,” Harbaugh said. “I thought we impacted him as much as we could.”

With a Ravens-Patriots confrontation in the end of the season games resembling a probability, it’s useful for the Ravens to increase some certainty against a Patriots group that has verifiably been an unbelievably troublesome January out. Furthermore, if the Ravens really face the Patriots once more, people better accept their capacity to get to Brady may have a significant effect.

Minkah Fitzpatrick is changing Steelers’ optional

Seven days back, they yelled out tenderfoot inside linebacker Devin Bush Jr. for changing the Steelers’ old and moderate resistance into a quick, youthful unit.

Be that as it may, another key player at the core of the protective turnaround has been 22-year-old security Minkah Fitzpatrick, who was gained from the Miami Dolphins in September for a first-round pick.

Fitzpatrick has been a disclosure. They has helped a guard that produced just 15 turnovers in 2018 to one that is poised to seize 44 this season.

“You look at the acquisition of Minkah Fitzpatrick,” said Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay, who will face the Steelers on Sunday. “[He’s] been a big add for them.”

For sure. Fitzpatrick is on track to complete with 84 handles and a ridiculous eight captures to oblige 12 passes safeguarded. On the off chance that the Steelers — victors of three straight after a 1-4 beginning — finish .500 or better, they’ll be definitely justified even despite the value they paid for their administrations.

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